GermanTown City F.C.’s Commitment

Germantown City F.C. is committed to the integral development of athletes, not only will give them tools to improve their skills and endurance, but also support their personal growth. We work to allow participants to contribute in a significant and differential way to society, and also in developing their maximum potential through sports. We are determined to provide the best tools to young athletes for them to be able to play sports professionally. Establish a work team suitable in all areas needed to provide the best training for professional athletes, allowing us to offer our members the most advanced physical, nutritional and psychological techniques. Provide advice in representation, legal, and contracting matters related to professional agreements.

2018/09/22 19:00:00



Develop in young athletes discipline as a work factor to reach success.


Generate in young athletes self-commitment, creating objective goals that will allow them to grow.


We focus on professional training for integral athletes, providing advanced physical, and psychological guidance.

Who we are

  • Mission:

    Germantown City F.C.  has as purpose, presenting our players in high level national and international tournaments, and finding professional opportunities for our athletes.

  • Vision:

    In 5 years, Germantown City F.C. will be Maryland’s soccer team with most promoted professional players nationally and internationally.

Strategic Partners

High Performance Soccer Club

SportsMate signed a strategic alliance with High Performance Soccer Club, which has been present in the region for about 10 years, and with about 300 athletes in different categories. This alliance will allow us to promote their most talented athletes and potentially allow them to participate in el Torneo Internacional de las Américas.

Premier Talents group

Germantown City F.C. signed a strategic alliance with Premier Talents group, company created by former professional players and international scouts in Colombia.

The mission and vision of Premier Talents group are to look for talented players in América and offer the opportunity to be recruited by these international scouts.

This alliance allows Germantown City F.C. to strengthen and open new possibilities for our players in North America to play in top soccer clubs around the world.

Corporacion Deportiva Tulua (Cortulua)

Germantown City F.C. has started conversations with Corporación Club Deportivo Tuluá (Cortulua) to set up a franchise in the U.S under the development standards of this Colombia pro club.

Cortulua is a team with a history of more than 50 years in Colombia league, with a breadth experience forming players.

The main goal of this strategic alliance is to create opportunities for young players from Colombia and North America interchange soccer experiences and knowledge.